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  1. Welcome I have decided to start a blog on my website I hope you find some inspiration from what I write here.

    I write as it comes to me in my head so I will apologise in advance for spelling and grammer mistakes as you may find a few.

    I decided to do a Life Situation Reading for myself today, lots of questions I wanted to ask I won't bore you with them on here, but part of one of the situations was asking why I'm not sleeping, why I don't seem to be able to stick to a diet consistently at the moment, why I'm craving sweet foods and other.
    So what I discovered was that my chakras were out of balance some over active and some underactive, then I also discovered that I had an environmental restriction also as a factor, so after a few questions I found out I am eating too much Chocolate (um that may be difficult to stop with all the chocolate in the house!!) and Alpro Soya I thought it tasted good just seen it is a sweetened variety! so back to reducing my sugar. What did this tell me, well I knew sugar was addictive for me but what I discovered was the trigger behind all this and that is when I feel emotionally vulnerable. So there we go after some research in the Akashic Records and with my guides I found out what the main root of the problem and was able to clear It on a 5th dimension, now I have to do the work on the 3rd dimension too.
    I will be adding the life situation reading to my website shortly, this can be done for any matter that is showing up for you; you can give a long list of issues that are concerning you that may all seem to be separate and I will find out what the root cause of it is for you.