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Three little words that are so hard to say

I have been contemplating the last few weeks why is it that we struggle to say I LOVE YOU, is it because we are frightened of rejection? How come we can easily say it to our young children but often find it hard to say it to our parents, friends and grandparents or for some their partners.

My Gran was recently put into a respite home and was only given a few days to live which luckily for us turned into a couple of weeks extra time. Now I don’t remember if I had ever told my Gran that i loved her (maybe as a child, but not as an adult) so when I originally got the call that she may not have long I wanted to tell her that I loved her. This was very important for me that she knew that, as even though I know when in spirit you know these things, when you are the people left behind on earth we make ourselves feel so guilty about if ONLY I HAD done this or done that and did they know how I felt. I know this first hand through the loss of my mum at a young age I never got to tell her how much she meant to me and am left with silly guilty feelings about I wish I hadn’t done this or that. So if your loved one has passed on you still have the opportunity to say those words they can hear and it may make you feel loads better.

 I was very lucky I got to tell my Gran I loved her and she told me back which was amazing and I can have peace now that she has gone onto to a place where she has no pain and with her spirit family.

So what I am trying to say here is that life is short and very precious if you have a loved one that means the world to you, but maybe you feel a bit vulnerable to tell them that you Love them be brave after all every day is precious with those we love.  Maybe they will say it back maybe they won’t but hopefully you will feel the better for it.

Don’t get me wrong I am not the best at communicating my wishes or feelings all the time as I tend to bottle up things, but I am trying hard to tell people what I feel more, I am loving every moment of my life because of a fantastic book called the Power by Rhonda Byrne. This explains that if you send out love every day, even when walking down the street it will replace those negative thoughts and feelings. The book explains about how we get caught up in negative thinking about ourselves and others but by simply turning things around and sending love to people it helps to alleviate those thoughts. It is true as now every day when I wake I think what do I love and I will list in my head a load of things and people for example I love hearing the birds chirping through the window, I love Rainbows, I love spring time, I love flowers, I love my family you get the idea. Then also when I go to bed I think about what am  I grateful for today. It is very liberating and helps to remove any negative feelings I may have been having that day. Why not give it a go.

So I will leave you with this message of a heartfelt I LOVE YOU for being here and taking the time in reading my message.


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