Hi my name is Teresa and I wanted to tell you a little about me and what I do being a Spiritual Artist and Soul Reader.

I feel that in doing this work you have to bare your soul to me as you are allowing me access to your akashic records, this holds everything about you. By doing that I can help you to heal and overcome trauma, blocks, deep rooted beliefs and outmoded ways of thinking.

Because of that I feel it is only fair for me to bare myself to you also, my spiritual side has always been important to me and is what keeps me going when everything seems so dire. It has been with me from a very young age and that is mostly down to my mum, she was very much into mediums and had many clairvoyant experiences herself.

I would say that I am what is termed "claircognizant" meaning clear knowing, to just know without knowing why, I utilise this skill in my readings where I use automatic writing. I'm also "clairsentient" which means Clear Feeling, this makes me an empath and very sensitive, some would say too sensitive, but it helps me feel and help others through their pain and trauma.

I feel this may have become apparent after the traumatic death of my mum when I was just a child of 11 years old. As you can imagine this has had a big impact on my life and moulded me into the person I have become. I have tried numerous healing techniques to help me to try and heal the pain that it left me with. I can honestly say they all helped in there own way.

But the biggest healing of all is my strong faith in life and despite what you may think, my belief in the good within people, in peoples ability to love and be loved. 

I also learnt you have to learn to forgive and let it go otherwise it eats away at you and makes you angry, Sometimes that isnt easy which is why getting to the route of the problem to help you heal is taking the first step on your way to your authentic self. 

I hope you allow me to help you heal whatever is blocking you in your life. 

Love and Light

Teresa xxx