Eyes are the windows to the Soul, through a Soul Profile find out more about your talents, gifts and Soul level Characteristics you are born with, but may not be utilising.

Who are you truly? What are you here to do? 

By accessing your Akashic Records I will discover on your behalf:

  • What planet you originate from
  • What energy centre resonates with you
  • What past lives are still positive for you
  • What your Soul Specialties are
  • How may spirit guides you have
  • What your Primary life lesson is
  • and more..........


I will need from you: your present name, name at Birth, where you were born, and when, to be emailed to me, this is for my records only and will not be given to third parties.

I will then email your reading to you usually within 2 weeks.

A skype session can also be arranged for an extra £15 for 1 hour. You will then receive both written and skype within 2-3 weeks or by prior arrangement. 



Quantity:  at  £45.00  each 

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