Are you struggling with specific issues in your life:

Not sleeping,

Problems with relationships

Too tired no energy to exercise, feel lethargic and not wanting to work.

Not attracting clients to your practice.

No motiation to create anything.

Issues with work/boss/coworkers

House problems not able to sell a property or keep it tidy

A Life Reading can be done for any issues that you are having in your life at this present moment that you would like clarity on and clearing.

What you would need to do is email me with everything that is going on in your life that you need to address even simple situations that are causing you concern.

I access the Akashic Records (an energetic library where all thoughts, actions and deeds from past and present are contained) while in your records I will get to the root causes of each issue after I have grouped them, with each issue I will discover what is going on why this is happening for you. It may be that you have a chakra imbalance, or that your property needs clearing or that you have a hook connecting you to another person that is draining energy from you. There are many different blocks that could come up to be cleared.

When you have purchased I would require you to email me with the issues that are concerning you, either in list form or as a letter and I will then separate them all and group as needed. You may have a long laundry list and feel as if you have loads going on but that could be one issue only that needs clearing.

I will require your name now, name at birth, date of birth and where you were born.

I then clear everything for you at the 5th dimension and give you some homework to do in the 3rd dimension, so that the clearing is brought into your consciousness.

I will then email your reading to you usually within 2 weeks.

Quantity:  at  £40.00  each 

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