"Thank you so much for your interesting reading! I only just got time today to print and read it. Very true about the Mintakan Soul characteristic! I’m pleased that I can receive guidance and wisdom from the higher self.....will work on this some more". - Sharon.



"The profile was spot on re the issues that came up for clearing - and the rest of the reading was really interesting. Thanks again for all your help". Betty xx

"Thank you so much for sending over I........’s soul profile. It's fascinating. We have done both prayers last night together. It's been so powerful for I..... already. Yesterday I had a chat to her about the clearing & she made a profound statement that she was pleased that nothing else would be getting her into trouble & it was up to her now to control her life & be a good person.

She's so much calmer today; she slept very well last night which is sometimes difficult for her and much less afraid to be in a room on her own. She is very interested in her prayer & translated the Latin with her brother who is learning it at school". - E xxx

"THANK YOU wow you are astounding I would so like to be able to do that, funny thing is I had a thing about the Arcturians and didn’t know why yes resonates totally. I am tall and willowy and now blonde for many years and fair and a real thinker a 'yellow' thank you" - Sheeligh

"Thank you so much for the reading and the beautiful gift - It's taken pride of place on my keyring :-)  The reading, helped me clarify certain beliefs about who I am and what I want And who I am not. Take care me friend. Have a beautiful journey "home" – Dharm

"The spirit guide reading that I received was an amazing experience and very informative. It confirmed what I have always known...... I call that “inner knowing" :) Thanks so much for this insightful spirit guide reading". X Ieva


“I was both curious and excited to have a Soul Realignment done. I have always had a lot of the questions about why I’m like the way I am or why I make the decisions I do. The information from my session far exceeded my expectations.

"The reading itself revealed so much useful and interesting information and made a lot of sense to me. I would definitely recommend this to anyone feeling blocked to success and fulfilment in their life”  Harriet Scotland

“My reading with Teresa was fun and enlightening. Before working with Teresa, I spent years working on overcoming my stammering. I had a lot of self-inflicted trauma around being able to communicate myself authentically and very judgmental of myself.

“Although I had worked very hard for the last 15 years and I had become successful in my communication, the stammering was still there and something I have to consciously control and be mindful of. In my reading with Teresa, I was finally able to understand why I had such trouble trying to communicate and why I was continued the cycle of self-judgment.

“Teresa identified the soul level block that contributed to my difficulty in communication. I was able to release it and began to truly heal. It’s been only 2 months since my reading and I can already feel an internal change within myself. Thanks Teresa for your love and guidance.” Jeremy Heath, Houston, TX, USA

“When Teresa went through my Soul Realignment with me, I couldn't believe how everything she said was so true about my personality and how my life was panning out, and I learnt it really is up to me to change the way I lead my life and how to make me a more positive and confident person, which I have always had problems with, so here is to a more positive me... Thank you Teresa”  Denise, Yateley